Sydney Buses

Realtime bus location visualisation

Realtime Sydney Buses was an interactive visualisation showing the location of buses in and around Sydney and Newcastle. You can zoom in and out of the map, rollover a bus to see which service it is and filter the buses you see using the search at the top of the screen.

Realtime Sydney Buses by Flink Labs

Each bus is equipped with a hardware device that records its location via GPS, and transmits it to a central server via the 3G mobile network. Buses transmit these messages at certain intervals and also when they pass certain points along their intended route. The position of each bus is updated and published every minute or so.

This project was designed and developed using data from the RTA and Data.NSW as part of the Apps4nsw programme. Unfortunately the RTA removed public access to the data within hours of the programme ending.

We also produced a time lapse video showing the GPS traces of the buses over a workday.

Sydney Buses from Flink Labs on Vimeo.