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Data & Artificial Intelligence products

Flink Labs invents, designs and creates smart software that harnesses advanced AI and cutting edge data visualisations

For over ten years we have been working with business and government organisations to help them explore and comprehend their complex data with ease; creating ground breaking data visualisations and artificial intelligences that drive strategic change.


Flink Labs works with clients like IP Australia, New Zealand Health, the Victorian government, IBM, Google, PEXA and Origin Energy; inventing, designing and creating smart AI and data driven software.


We offer a range of services including AI product ideation and design workshops, AI proof of concept development, AI and data visualisation software product creation and hosting. 



For over ten years we have worked with business and government organisations, delivering innovative AI and data products that help solve our client’s problems. 

Our team has multiple patents in Artificial Intelligence and has been deeply involved in research and commercialisation of Intelligent Agents, Artificial Life and AGI. We have founded multiple AI technology start ups that have been acquired by companies including Microsoft and PEXA

Digitial Transformation Agency
Victorian agency for Health Information
Workplace Gender Equality Agency
City of Melbourne
IP Australia
ANZ Bank
Metro Tunnel
Level Crossing Removal
NZ Health
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