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Machine intelligence,

Artificial life,

Complexity science &

Data visualisation. 

Imagine your future.
Supercharged on data; effortlessly creating new insights, products and ideas. Your future positive!

For over 12 years we have been working with business and government, creating ground breaking data visualisations and artificial machine intelligences that supercharge their performance.


From the Prime Minster’s high-security cabinet room to the healthcare experience of everyday Victorians; from massive infrastructure projects, like the Metro Tunnel, to transforming delivery of services by the Australian government; our proven ability to deliver valuable innovations has impacted many Australians. 

At Flink Labs we believe that data and machine intelligences work best when used to augment human intelligence, not to replace it.


Augmented Intelligence

Combining advanced Artificial intelligence, Complexity science and engaging Data visualisations, we build powerful, secure applications focused uniquely on solving your problems with your data. 


Artificial intelligence & Machine learning

We automate and optimise the analysis of your data, magically generating Aha! moments using breakthrough machine intelligences.



Artificial life & Complex systems

We help you better understand, predict and confront today’s most daunting challenges and wide ranging socio-economic issues, using complexity science and artificial life.


Data Visualisation

We deepen trust and engagement with your data by creating innovative data visualisations and data experiences, unearthing hidden insights in your data.

Select Clients

For over ten years we have worked with business and government, delivering ground breaking solutions to our client’s problems. 

Digitial Transformation Agency
Victorian agency for Health Information
Workplace Gender Equality Agency
City of Melbourne
IP Australia
ANZ Bank
Metro Tunnel
Level Crossing Removal
NZ Health
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