Flink means clever & Labs implies playful exploration, imagination & experimentation.

We are a small team of brilliant minds creating artificial intelligences and data visualisations.

Flink Labs is a boutique A.I. and data visualisation studio based in Melbourne, composed of a dynamic team dedicated to creating artificial intelligences and data visualisations.

At our core, we are computational, embracing a playful attitude and a natural curiosity. Our projects mirror our core values:
Optimistic Positivity: We approach every task with a readiness to shape a positively abundant future.
Innovation First: We prioritise fearless exploration, curiosity, and discovery, fostering an environment conducive to creating novel solutions.
Lifelong Learning: We embody a growth mindset, focusing on action and continuous learning.
Stewardship: We are committed to leaving our world in a better state than we found it.
Partnership: We cultivate abundant relationships built on mutual trust, openness, and respectful boundaries.

For over 20 years our team has been deeply engaged in the applied research and commercialisation of intelligent agents, artificial intelligence, machine learning, recommender systems, and data visualisation.

We have a proven track record of delivering real world A.I. products including:
- Spearheading research & development in A.I.-driven Intelligent Agents for the financial services industry.
- The launch of the widely-used BlogChangeBot, an AOL chat bot.
- The conception and patenting of innovative music and video recommendation systems.
- The origination of patented algorithms for graph-based reinforcement search and discovery.
- Exploiting a peer-to-peer music network to kickstart A.I. content recommendations.
- The design and implementation of bespoke transformer models for patient feedback classification.
- The creation of unique data visualisation techniques for word embeddings in business search.
- The application of A.I. for outlier detection in healthcare patient experiences.
- Harnessing large language models for the creation of data summaries.
- The invention of narrative generation techniques using statistical language models for automated report writing.
- The development of search algorithms inspired by Artificial Life.
- The application of cutting-edge natural language processing techniques for patent application analysis.
- The deployment of A.I. for image recognition and clustering in trademark analysis.
- The development of an innovative A.I. system for sentiment and topic clustering of social media streams.