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Our Mission

Flink means clever in many Scandinavian languages and Labs implies exploration, imagination and experimentation. 

We are computational at our core, playful in attitude and curious by nature. As a data driven team, we build powerful bespoke applications to solve the most complex and wicked problems that plague the human race today.

Our values

Optimistic positivity - we show up ready to create an abundant positive future

Innovation is core - we are free to create new solutions through fearless exploration, curiosity and discovery. 

Lifelong learning - we embody a growth mindset and are action oriented

Stewardship - we always strive to leave our world in a better place

Partnership - we nurture abundant relationships built on mutual trust, openness and respectful boundaries. 

Our team has patents in artificial intelligence and backgrounds in intelligent agents, machine learning, relational databases, data visualisation, design, and advanced software development.


Our diverse skill set and responsive results focused approach are seen by many of our clients as key benefits of working with us. 


Flink is clever

Our experienced team is here to help you.

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