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We design and develop interactive data visualisations that securely deliver insights and inform decision making. 


“Decision making increasingly relies on data, which comes at us with such overwhelming velocity, and in such volume, that we can’t comprehend it without some layer of abstraction, such as a visual one.” - Harvard Business Review


Clarity and consistency are paramount when creating communicating with a wide audience. Our designs focus on more than creating a pretty picture. We believe that data visualisations must speak for themselves, provoking discussion about the data and not about the visualisation itself.


“Information may be beautiful, but it is useless if it is not understandable.” - Flink Labs


Our clients, from corporate organisations to large government agencies, rely on Flink Labs for the delivery of data rich visualisation portals that securely deliver rich data experiences to thousands of users every day.


Patient experience data portals - Since 2014, Flink Labs has managed and delivered the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) results portal, reporting on over 30 million data points for over 500,000 patients across Victoria. We also designed and deliver the Victorian Mental Health Patient Experience portal, the New Zealand Patient Experience Surveys portal and the Queensland Health patient experience portal.


Census data for Gender Equality - Since 2013, Flink Labs has delivered the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s Data Explorer, a census covering over 4 million employees across Australia (40% of total workforce) highlighting gender equality, pay equity and other critical equality statistics.


Visual data discovery - Built using Flink Labs’s Oslo drag and drop data intelligence tool; Austrade’s MIP Orbis data exploration tool provides market intelligence, opportunities, analysis and student data to support Australia's international education sector.


Customer and consumer experience - Flink Labs has designed and developed many rich data visualisations reporting on consumer experiences including; supermarket chains, delivery of welfare services by the Australian Government, the Melbourne Level Crossings Removal and Metro Tunnel projects, visitors to Victorian Parks and residents across Australian LGAs.


Our comprehensive, evidence-based data visualisations continue to deliver ongoing insights that every day inform and impact decisions made for all Australians. 


Data Visualisation

Understand, interpret and make informed decisions from your data

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